If you like Risk try…



In Cosmic Encounter, each player is the leader of an alien race. Players take turns moving their ships to other worlds hoping to take them over and/or colonize 5 planets to win the game. This may only happen if you get support from other players though.


Try to take control of Westoros in A Game of Thrones. Take territories by out numbering your opponent, but if you can’t, ask a friend to support your campaign and hope he backs you up when you need it most. This is a game of conquest, alliances, and betrayel.


Take Risk and give it a sci-fi spin with a cherry on top. It’s the classic game you love with more explosions. How could you go wrong? While you are building armies you are earning credits that can be spent on mines to foil attacks, nukes to obliterate your opponent, and much more.


In Small World you control a civilization of fantasy creatures. Conquer the lands at and bring your civilization into a golden age. Then allow it to decline to bring in another civilization to conquer more territories. Fighting is one thing, but knowing when the best time to decline is another.

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